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8.5” long
The standard length and width of single-use disposable straws that you’ll find at most bars and restaurants are 8.5” long


Excellent Quality Paper Straw Supplier in China

Dallas Pack Dallas Pack offers packaging supplies that you can use for food and beverages. In all of our dealings with all parties, we uphold honesty and justice. Humility is demonstrated when we treat everyone with regard, respect, and understanding. As a well-known paper straw supplier, our business forges close ties with foreign allies and is tenacious in overcoming obstacles. 

Why Choose Us as Your Paper Straw Supplier?

If you are looking for a company that provides you with superior quality paper straws, you are at the right place. Our paper straws have all the qualities that you require to lead the market. As a leading paper straw supplier and disposable cups supplier, we guarantee you the best products and services. 

Benefits of Our Paper Straws


Our paper straws are BPA FREE, non-toxic, and produced from biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials. These straws are made with premium paper and ink that are safe for consumption under strict guidelines. As a credible paper straw supplier, we recommend you use these biodegradable straws at a fun party to go green.


Perfect decorations for a variety of events, including BBQs, picnics, horror-themed parties, and family get-togethers. can also be used to garnish baked goods, cakes, drinks, and desserts. Also appropriate for usage at outdoor picnics, hiking, travel, and the workplace.


Our paper straws can withstand extended contact with liquid and leave no taste in your shakes or smoothies. can tolerate a lot and will last a long time in liquid, even in hot water for a few hours. They work well for regular drinks such as iced coffee, smoothies, and juices.


We guarantee that if you experience any delivery or quality issues, you should get in touch with us. We are committed to giving you the finest service possible.


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