Disposable Coffee Cup Suppliers

16 oz. 12 oz.
Count 200 300
Height 5 ½ Inches 4 ½ Inches
Top Diameter 3 ½ Inches 3 ½ Inches
Bottom Diameter 2 ⅜ Inches 2 ⅜ Inches


High Quality Disposable Coffee Cup Suppliers in China

Dallas Pack focuses on the supply of beverage and food packaging and is dedicated to ensuring that all of your products are taken care of. We design and produce packaging that makes it easier for excellent items to reach more people. 

In addition, we are dedicated to increasing the circularity of packaging and we include sustainability in all we do. We collaborate with our clients to address complicated problems and are happy to share our own localized resources in all parts of the world. Being among the top-notch paper coffee cup manufacturers and high Qaulity disposable coffee cup suppliers, we view our clients’ triumphs as also being our own.

Why You Must Choose Us Among Other Paper Coffee Cup Manufacturers?

Benefits that You will Get:

  • Eco-friendly: 

Our cups are made of paper, a disposable material. As a result, it degrades rapidly. Recycling paper is a simple procedure. As one of the best-selling paper coffee cup manufacturers and Top disposable coffee cup suppliers, our cups may also be more easily crumpled than plastic cups. 

  • Recyclable:

The fact that paper cups can be recycled is fantastic. Pulp is produced when paper and water are mixed. This pulp can eventually be used to create brand-new cups.

  • Biodegradable:

Disposable paper cups are among the cleanest objects because they decompose. Because it is made from plants, paper is frequently free of hazardous substances.

  • Variety:

Paper cups come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The styles of these cups are also varied.

  • Safe:

It is a safer kind of cup when compared to plastic cups. These consumables don’t interact chemically with paper in any way. Therefore, drinking from these cups while they are hot or cold is entirely safe.

  • Lightweight:

Many people prefer to use paper cups because of their small weight. Being among the well-known high quality paper coffee cup manufacturers, best selling disposable coffee cup suppliers, and paper food container manufacturers we make it portable enough for you to take with you.



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